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DeskPerfect has been designed and developed by Posture Group’s specialist team of 500+ ergonomics, physiotherapy and health and safety consultants to create an app to help you setup any home or office desk/workstation using correct ergonomic guidance and principles.

This is how the system works:

  • Users pay for their license and are given access to the system by clicking on the START button.
  • The user selects their correct screen setup training video from a choice of laptop, single screen and multiple screens.
  • The user views the DeskPerfect 3D animated training video which provides a visual guide to safe workstation and desk setup, seated posture and other important considerations.
  • The user then completes the DeskPerfect follow online workstation and desk assessment questionnaire making any necessary adjustments to your workstation as you go along.

The system is simple, user friendly and the sign up process is fast.

What do you get?

3D Animated Training Video

  • A selection of training videos – You can select the type of computer screen setup that applies to you and then view specific training geared to that exact setup. Training videos are available for laptop, single screen and multiple screen users.
  • Visually engaging and easy to understand.
  • Demonstrates key setup considerations – chair position, screen setup, desktop layout, etc.

Detailed desk / workstation setup questionnaire

  • The training videos are followed by a detailed workstation self-assessment questionnaire with recommendations of any changes to be made to ensure your comfort whilst working and to help prevent pain conditions.
  • Guidance notes and visual illustrations are offered with all questions in the questionnaire.

Follow up summary report can be downloaded and emailed to you 

  • A summary of the completed assessment report can be downloaded and emailed to your email address including all areas covered with both good outcomes and issues raised.
  • When issues have been raised, recommendations are offered for changes to be made to correct any issues by the Posture Group team of 500+ specialist ergonomics, physiotherapy, pain management and health and safety consultant’s.

What does it cost?

£6.00 plus VAT in UK Sterling
$7.80 plus sales tax in US Dollars
€7.00 euro plus tax 

  • UK purchase are charged in UK pounds sterling
  • US purchases are charged in US dollars
  • All members of the European Union are charged in Euros
  • Canadian purchases are charged in Canadian Dollars
  • Australian purchases are charged in Australian dollars
  • All other countries will be charged in UK pounds sterling plus tax. If your currency is not listed above and you want to pay in your local currency then use your PayPal account to make the payment.

The price includes the detailed voice annotated training video, the detailed workstation setup questionnaire and follow up report with recommendations of changes to make.

The system may not be free, but it is believed to be the best and most comprehensive workstation setup and training system available on the market today and worth the small price tag.

Why choose DeskPerfect?

The system has been developed by Posture Group’s team of 500+ ergonomics, physiotherapy and health and safety consultants to streamline the process they use for providing face to face workstation assessments.

Ever since our incorporation in 2002, our specialist consultant’s have delivered in excess of 250,000 face to face workstation desk / assessments and pain assessments per annum  and Posture Group sells its online workstation setup training and assessment software to more than 3,000 Companies globally with more than 2.5 million users of the system. 

The system may not be free, but many believe it to be one of the best systems available on the market today and worth the small price tag.

About DeskPerfect

DeskPerfect and all of the companies below are part of the Relaxa Group Companies.

Relaxa and Posture Group were founded in 2002 and have been delivering a range of health and wellbeing services and posture, pain management and ergonomics services and software solutions ever since.

The Wellbeing Apps Company was founded in 2017 to create a suite of inexpensive desktop and smartphone applications to help boost your overall being and prevent pain conditions.

Relaxa employs a team of 1,000+ stress management, NLP, cognitive behavioural therapy, nutrition, cardiovascular, physiotherapy, fitness, medical, nursing and occupational health consultant’s and practitioners to deliver a complete range of health & wellness services for companies & individuals across Europe.

Posture Group employs a team of 500+ ergonomics, physiotherapy and health and safety consultant’s to deliver a complete range of correct ergonomics, pain prevention, pain alleviation, correct posture and improved home & office working solutions via seminars, face to face consultations and innovative software applications for companies & individuals across Europe.

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